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An augmented reality visual experience


The augmented reality kiosk is a real eye-catcher. You can feature your football players, rugby players, high-level athletes, or musicians; choose the players with whom you want to take a video, and you’re all set. The selected players will appear in augmented reality around you!

borne en réalité augmentée
borne en réalité augmenté fc metz

An entertaining experience

Augmented reality allows for the overlaying of virtual elements onto reality, thus creating immersive experiences for users.

We have taken the concept a step further by creating an augmented reality terminal that allows users to take videos or photos with football players or athletes.

How? We film the athletes in advance in specific poses according to a set of specifications and then integrate them into our dedicated software. Users can then choose their athletes, football players, rugby players… and take videos with them.

The players appear as if by magic around them in the video !

A marketing tool for your major sports events

Sequence of the animation

The augmented reality terminal consists of a very large touch screen (171 cm diagonal) and a surface where a sticker can be placed for complete branding. Users stand in front of the touch terminal, choose the players, and strike a pose. The players appear around them in their environment in augmented reality. Thus, users feel as if they really have the players next to them.

Users can then record videos with the player as if he magically appeared next to them. They can pretend to play with the player, take selfies, or even record video messages to share on social media.

They can then retrieve the approximately 10-second video. This is sent to their mobile phone by email.

Travel: all of France and Europe

Time per person: 1 min 30 sec to 2 min 30 sec

Installation time: allow 1 to 2 hours

Floor space: from 2 m²

Number of animators: standalone or animator

borne en réalité augmenté fc metz

An EYE-CATCHING kiosk for a wow effect !!

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